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THIS could make silver the next palladium


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Apr 1, 2010
I've been pretty clear on GIM over the last decade or so that Gold is monetary metal, and Silver is an industrial metal. Apart from the prospect of significant industrial demand for silver I do not see Silver as a good investment. However, I think the time to invest in Silver might be RIGHT NOW. Looks like it is sitting on long term support at around the $15 level.

Battery technology is the weak link renewable energy storage and electric transportation. A breakthrough like this requiring silver consumption could create an insane amount of demand. (Tesla is already testing the limits of lithium mining capacity.)


But this exotic substance [borophene] wasn’t synthesized until 2015, using chemical vapor deposition. This is a process in which a hot gas of boron atoms condenses onto a cool surface of pure silver. The regular arrangement of silver atoms forces boron atoms into a similar pattern, each binding to as many as six other atoms to create a flat hexagonal structure. However, a significant proportion of boron atoms bind only with four or five other atoms, and this creates vacancies in the structure. The pattern of vacancies is what gives borophene crystals their unique properties.