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Too Late To Jump On The Gold Bandwagon? Rick Rule Chimes In


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Mar 25, 2010
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Too Late To Jump On The Gold Bandwagon? Rick Rule Chimes In

Mar 06, 2016

Gold prices continue to rise this year, which has some investors questioning whether or not they have missed their chance to get in on the action. According to one veteran gold investor, the ‘real move’ in gold is yet to come. ‘I don’t think in the near term this rally is sustainable; my suspicion is that gold will pullback before it goes forward,’ Rick Rule, president & CEO of Sprott U.S. Holdings, told Kitco News at the PDAC Convention in Toronto. However, he added, ‘what will be really interesting is…if this rally falters a little bit, some people will say it’s over and miss the real move, which I believe is to come.’ However, Rule warned that investors need to understand that the gold market could have ‘ugly’ cyclical declines. ’It’s important, if you have the liquidity and the courage, to stay this trade,’ he said.