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This could be total BS, or something to consider... DYODD




PART 1: THE “ORDERLY” SHUTDOWN :: "the design of a disruptive crisis must also be done according to procedures; once the cryptocurrency system has been deployed and successfully tested, the collapse of the dollar-based monetary system can proceed as planned. Actually, we are moving from a system based on the gold standard - in which the actors do believe that the declared quantities of gold are really what they are told - to a system based on altcoins, in which the agents do believe secrecy and anonimity is guaranteed. Of course, this is not true."

"Social Security is essential for millions of retirees, therefore destroying Social Security is the main target. If we want to hurt the maximum number of people we need to hurt them there where they least expect it: in their future."

"lending to those who can afford to repay was the main mistake; under the new strategy, we will first knock down those who lend, such that there will be no one left to lend the money. APT-variant viruses are designed to tamper with the blocks within the blockchain; a compromised blockchain is all we need to turn down any cryptocurrency-based system. Once public confidence in the safety of the blockchain is lost, you should expect a major impact on markets."

"destroying the entire global financial system is the only solution to speed up the paradigm shift; cryptocurrencies do have but one and just one key advantage for us: they will allow us to finance black projects in even a more secretive way. In fact, altcoins and cryptocurrencies are also one of our black projects, you see. We control the data flow, and we control the blockchain. Next step is introducing cryptocommodities; ever heard of artificial water?"

"Compromising electrical power generation and distribution infrastructures should be handled in an incremental way before the final cutoff, which includes transportation networks, air traffic control systems, nuclear power plants, the water supply and food production, and industry. Bringing everyday life globally to a sustained halt is the design goal of these new persistent threats."

"The algorithm simulates the effect of a major water crisis, which triggers a global food crisis causing profound social instabilities. For each cycle, ops are devised to promote failure of national governance, a rampant unemployment, staged interstate conflicts, and large-scale involuntary migration. Migration has been weaponized; flooding your enemies with a flood of migrants is just tactics; intermixed with all this is the forced bursting of asset bubbles, the collapse of trading routes, the modulation of energy prices, and a widespread cyberattack strategy against major infrastructures. Finally, pandemias are also included. This is called Chantilly Generic Scenario."

"There's always a physical connection to the outside world and the internet; and there's always a stupid employee clicking on the wrong email attachment" "See, there is a small number of key risks wielding great influence; a well-designed water crisis can account for most of the crises"

"Virtual customer premises equipment (vCPE) is a way to deliver network services such as routing, firewall security and virtual private network connectivity to enterprises by using software rather than dedicated hardware devices. By virtualizing CPE, providers can dramatically simplify and accelerate service delivery, remotely configuring and managing devices and allowing customers to order new services or adjust existing ones on demand."

"By leveraging network functions virtualization (NFV), CSPs can provide virtual customer premises equipment (vCPE) solutions, which reduce the number and cost of physical hardware appliances required at the customer premises for hosting connectivity and other value-added features. By deploying a smaller number of powerful general processing platforms either locally at the customer's premises or in a centralized data center, CSPs can remotely instantiate, configure, and manage a variety of features and functions that were once deployed on dedicated hardware platforms."

"to therefore create a task force in order to have the entire population moved to vCPE by the end of 2025; a critical group shall also be set up with the goal to state criticism to the vCPE approach on the basis of unreal cost analysis, link tromboning, and other minor technical issues. Measures should be taken to reduce the risk of antiglobalists campaigns against vCPE."

"The testbed used was a Vyatta 5600 vRouter on a commercial off-the-shelf based x86 server within a Red Hat KVM environment, and the tests showed that full control of the user's home network is possible up to the point of even changing the time stamp in each and all of his digital devices. This hack would represent a devastating effect if the target were a critical infrastructure command and control center, or a hospital."

"Virtual Customer Premises Equipment (vCPE) builds on the trend of transforming previously hardware-based operations into virtual, software-based functions. In this case, customer premises equipment such as routers, firewalls, VPNs, and Network Address Translation (NAT) that used to require dedicated hardware is now moving to virtual, software-based functions."

"We expect development of new cyberwarfare strategies due to the fact that tavistockway operation would imply two-way authentication between vCPE and pCPE. These strategies would include -but won't be limited to- man in the middle attacks between vCPE and pCPE."

"under this threat scenario we assume the vCPE would have to be real-time aware to both actual utilization of the upstream and to the type of clients involved in each session, and this means implementing user-specific profiling".

08/14/17 (Mon) 04:24:31 64fee1 No.10406269>>10406290 >>10406560

"Routers are the essential workhorse of modern computer networking, hence free access to anyone's router is a must. Compromising a router is old school. The new idea is to turn routers into vCPEs. Cloud computing, geolocalization through cell phone, bitcoins, and vCPE is all we need to keep people under control."

"it's not about greediness, money, or power. It's about controlling a large portion of the population in order to face with some probability of success the coming doomsday. Globalization is not about money, it is about responding as a united world to a terminal threat. No time to discuss about sovereign rights of this and that nation, no time to discuss about human rights: we need to be militarized to respond to the global anarchy in a post-attack world."

[1: The Orderly Shutdown] https://archive.is/L0k8F
[2: vCPE and You] https://archive.is/hRNGn

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So crypto coins are intended to make it so you don't exchange real goods without (((them))) approving. With cash you can exchange real goods right now without (((them))) certifieing it as kosher.

Also the CPVE shit is already possible if you use a modem or router created post 2005. Just buy older stuff to fix that. If paranoid flash with openWRT.



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Just another Faceplant feminazi flexing her vagina muscles. Ignore it!


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(("lending to those who can afford to repay was the main mistake; under the new strategy, we will first knock down those who lend, such that there will be no one left to lend)) Sorry but what planet does she live on? I call bogus on the story