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Turn Your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Into An SOS Alert


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Jan 24, 2011
Here's a neat little gee whiz emergency feature available if you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

It automatically sends an 'I need help' text message to up to 4 people of your choice, with a photo taken from the front and rear cameras, a short audio clip, location coordinates and a Google map pinpointing your current location. All you have to do to send it is quickly tap your power button 3 times. And it happens silently without any other effort on your part. So if your wife gets a text with a photo of purple you and a puddle on the floor accompanied by a gurgling sound clip, she will know exactly where to dispatch an ambulance.

And it's easy-peasy. It's not an 'app' or anything you need to subscribe to other than simply activating the feature already on your Samsung Galaxy phone. It takes less than a minute to permanently set up. I think it is available on other models of Galaxy phones too but here is a website with instructions for setting up your S6: