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VERBALMILITIA / The Only Cure to Federal Cancer


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Mar 28, 2010
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VERBALMILITIA / The Only Cure to Federal Cancer


~@ VM !!! CONSTITUTOR, He who promised by a simple pact to pay the debt of another; and this is always a principal obligation. http://thelawdictionary.org/constitutor/ http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Constitutor ~@ VM !!! What is AUTHORITY? In contracts. The lawful delegation of power by one person to another. http://thelawdictionary.org/authority/ To find the real solution to any problem, you must first find the exact cause of the problem to know what the problem is to be able to fix it. I don't care if it's a car, a fine watch or your health or what we are all supposed to be fighting as 'truthers', you cannot fix a problem by only treating the symptoms of it.

While most 'truthers' are clearly still hoping that if the right Selected run nothing Nazi to read that Anti Humanity Teleprompter is going to make the cancer a little less severe, a little less painful, or they are trying to have one of the cancers removed like Repealing the Federal Reserve Act, or they they think that taking more X-rays of the cancer by 'exposing' the cells of the cancer that always make themselves and their 'Crimes' known by design in the first place is going to do anything, or they think that by naming the cancer 'The Jews', or ‘The Bilderbergs' or 'The Globalists’ that that is going to somehow cure the cancer. You are merely hunting designed to be 'exposed' scapegoats for the scam we run for fun world wide. Scams are a what, not a who.

While some think that if they can just travel in their once Registered British Monarchy Property Vehicles which is impossible with the cancer, that will make it worth still having the cancer. Wearing a Guy Fawks Fed Pro Pic and saying We are Legion, Expect Us, which is stupid is not going to cure the cancer. Saying that the Earth is Flat which is stupid is not going to cure the cancer. Saying that No Planes hit the Towers which is stupid or actually even proving that 911 was an Inside Job is not going to cure the cancer. None of these things will ever cure the cancer, I assure you all, that is a fact.

Many of you call yourselves Anarchists. You are not an Anarchist, you are a contracted Artificial Person with views about Anarchy, who still wants to falsely believe that you can 'own' things and even 'own' already 'Claimed' British Monarchy Property when both of those things are, to this very day, impossible, when that is the part of the scam that if you love buying into, you have already been sold all of the rest of it.

I know exactly what the cancer is and exactly what has caused the cancer and that these programmed false programmed slave beliefs must first be taken out of the diet of our contractual Legal Society entirely, in order for the cancer to simply dissolve and disappear and will stay gone, as long as the diet that created the cancer in the first place, is never introduced back into our society again. The only cure of the cancer is that we stop signing Federal Debt Slave Contracts for our offspring when they are born and we begin enjoying the benefits of raising them and teaching them ourselves instead of paying Nazis to do it for us out of shear convenience.

Men cannot write law or laws, issue or ban 'rights' that never existed, or 'own' any things, that can only be contractually /'Legally' Claimed, and /or physically possessed, and /or guarded and /or defended.

Contracts cannot sign or unsign themselves and us, signing their Federal Debt Slave Contracts, is like us going to get Chemo from Deadly Doctors in order to treat, not cure this Cancer we have of actually believing we have 'rights', can 'own' things and need these created only by Legal Fiction real things, such as contractual Nazi Policy ‘Laws’, Judges, Police and Prisons.

I, unlike anyone else I have ever seen out there anyway, have taken the time to know exactly where this pure Roman Debt Slave Programming comes from and now know exactly what the cause of the cancer to all of humanity actually is.

https://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/Bible-Verses-About-Slavery/ (Men can 'own' slaves)
https://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/Genesis-1-26/ (Men can have 'rights' over animals)
https://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/Isaiah-13-14/ (Men can 'own' land)

I know, by studying their contractual Policy 'Law', none of these things are possible, so I know that those are pure lies, not facts. People cannot write laws and we don’t have rights or own things. It’s all contractual slave Policy, not law.

Stop being their Roman Nazi Debt Contract Slave Extermination Scam. -marc27
Take the time to read these 6 Notes and you won't regret it and you will instantly become one of the most informed Persons on the planet, I assure you, it's a fact. The truth always makes 100% perfect common sense and will take no faith at all to know that it is true. Faith is what you need if you love being scammed, along with ignorance.

https://www.facebook.com/notes/marc...a-standard-military-response/1079834435407594 https://www.facebook.com/notes/marc...ty-is-the-opposite-of-freedom/969469279777444

You have the same exact 'right' as any other living thing on the planet, the right to live, until you are dead and everything else and I mean everything else is total Roman debt slave programming.

So to get down to what really causes the cancer I know that it is this fact, in order to live we must kill to survive. I see a lot of slave programming out there that we must now 'Legalize' other animals having 'rights’ that never existed, even for us.

To eat, we must kill. If you are going to eat a deer, it's probably a good idea to kill it first before you attempt to eat it. If you want to only eat salad, you have to remove the lettuce from the ground before it dies on it's own. There is a painless even pleasant and euphoric way to kill our food called Nitrous Oxide Asphyxiation or just Nitrogen Asphyxiation and having some expertise in this area, I know if I had to be killed, that is the way I would want to go out, hopefully, without being told it was going to happen.

http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/jurisprudence/2014/05/death_by_nitrogen_gas_will_the_new_method_of_execution_save_the_death_penalty.html ~@ VM ARMY !!!

As above, so below, they always give us the solution for the problem they want us to create. Never sign any Contract without first reading and 'understanding' /Standing Under the Terms of the Contract you are putting your Legal Signature on. Ignorance is no excuse for the 'Law' only we can create on a Person to (Artificial) Person basis, which can never be 'law’, because Politicians cannot write law, only contractual Policy. Scams are a what, not a who. Our Words are Weapons, Our Ammo, the Truth. VERBALMILITIA The VM ARMY marc27 ~@ VM ARMY !!!

The message of The Bible for is for voluntary freedom and paradise right here on earth for mankind or voluntary self enslavement and extermination and a living hell that only we can create for the future. It is not to look for a savior that is not coming but to become one. All things shall be fulfilled before this generation passes away. It's saying this: "You do it, before it's too late and it's talking about this earth's generation of people."

We must all become Christlike to free mankind from this mental enslavement we and only we only force upon ourselves. Men cannot write laws, issue rights, or own any things. Because that is entirely impossible, that is a fact. If you don't know that is a fact, you are the scam. We must all walk the face of the earth, telling others what the scam is, to stop being their Roman Nazi scam, by not being scammers themselves and by telling them they must do what I am commanding you do now.

You must be willing to not care about possessions. You have to be willing to have nothing and die to share this message so that others may have peace. If you are not and have not already done these things, you have not only failed as a 'truther' but you have failed your only mission as a human being.

We are here for one reason and one reason only, just as any other animal on this marvelous planet we all live on. You are here to survive until you die, that's it and when the time comes that you must fight tor your own survival by fighting for the survival of the human race, putting all other lives ahead of your own unless you are faced with your own extermination, which is right now, you must fight this programmed ignorance by any means necessary.

The message we must share will always be rude to life long programmed slaves, so you cannot be worried about offending others in sharing the message, because that is the point of the message, to offend the minds of programmed men and women until they begin to use them for the right reason, for without peace, there is no love and there is no freedom. War can only be lost by idiots who believe they can gain these non physical things by using weapons to kill their fellow man. The only freedom you will ever know comes in fighting for it. Our only power and safety lies in our numbers. It's time we begin using them as a group.

VERBALMILITIA / VM ARMY A R@m of ‘God’ /Good VM Soldier mac27 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1129078853796937&set=pb.100000845006777.-2207520000.1468162821.&type=3&theater