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WATCH: Portland Patriots Use Military Tactics To Neutralize Antifa Agitators


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Mar 28, 2010
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WATCH: Portland Patriots Use Military Tactics To Neutralize Antifa Agitators
Posted by Video | Oct 10, 2017

When Joey Gibson and his group Patriot Prayer decided to have a rally in downtown Portland Oregon, they knew they had to be stealthy.

Left-wing extremists in Portland, usually under the banner of Antifa, have become notorious for violently shutting down any free speech they disagree with.

Gibson kept the rally secret, waiting until 24 hours beforehand to divulge any information. It was to begin at Chapman Square and then the group would go on a short march through the district before ending up back at the park.

But the group known as Rose City Antifa was there to make sure that conservative Christian patriots would not be allowed to peacefully assemble.

Left-wing militants in Portland call themselves Antifa, and live for violent confrontation.

The Antifa contingent arrived at the park to try and form a human blockade and prevent the Patriot Prayer group from gathering. But they forgot they were dealing with people much more physically fit than themselves, many of whom with military backgrounds.

The patriots assembled in formation and did an impressive job of gaining and holding their ground in the park: