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Welcome Pack @ $POT, Coins not rounds + $5.95 shipping.


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Apr 5, 2010
Their system keeps telling me I need to add an email address and a phone number, which I have done AND which shows on screen.

Guess they don't want me playing in their sandbox.

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Sep 4, 2011
Even with $5.95 shipping, that is not too bad IMO depending on what you get. For example, the Chinese Panda set (30 grams .999 silver per coin) would be $32.18 for 2 of them with spot currently at $16.68/oz (Kitco quote). $5.95 shipping charge increases that total to $38.13. So at $38.13 that is ~$19.07 per 30-gram .999 silver Chinese Panda coin which would still make it the lowest price out there as far as I know. $19.07 for a panda is a very good price IMO considering that these usually carry a very high premium.

The America The Beautiful welcome kit (2016 Shawnee ATB bullion coin): With spot at $16.68 (Kitco Quote), that would make the cost of this bullion puck at $83.40. $5.95 shipping makes that $89.35 for the 2016 Shawnee ATB bullion puck. That is the lowest price that I have seen for any ATB bullion puck. The lowest price at JMB has it for is $103.75.

The welcome packs at spot + $5.95 shipping can be a good deal but it depends on what type of welcome pack that you plan to get and what premium you are willing to pay for certain gov't minted bullion coins after shipping cost is factored in.

However, I also want to point out that I do not have any experience with them since I have never bought anything from them.


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Apr 11, 2010
Yes, I did the math before presenting, and only needed two addresses.
One for Pandas, one for ATB.
Less expensive I have never seen for either.
I did add to the Welcome Pack, as the Irons Approved item I included cost less than all other sites.

A dealer rating will appear after order has been completed.
Two weeks wait for snail mail and paper check.

**** Shipment Received****
Ordered on June 16th, delivered to PO Box July 1st.
Snail mail, paper check, and weekend ordered and shipped over.
Packaging was immaculate, secure, and bomb proof.
Capsules with zero markings on all three items; Panda pair, and "Irons Approved" item.
Communication covered all the bases.
Without hesitation I would order again.
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