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Mar 31, 2010
Ya gotta check these guys out; they go off the shallow end about as bad as some of us go off the deep end. Seems like a leftist facts primer about the lunatic conspiracy theorists among us and all the smoke and woo-woo they're creating — worth the read. Just don’t go overboard and think they’re writing about you (and I).

Right after John F. Kennedy was assassinated, about 52 percent of people thought there was some kind of conspiracy at play...

And you see this everywhere -- 37 percent of Americans think global warming is a hoax perpetrated by a conspiracy of at least 30,000 climate scientists...

On the even more batshit end of the spectrum, Jones is hocking his own brand of health supplements to reverse the damage that's being done to your body by the fluoride that the government is pumping into your water supply to murder you, and by the chemicals being sprayed on you by aircraft, which the government has the audacity to call vapor trails.
I could go on quoting but it's much better to read it yourself