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Yahoo Email Spam


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Mar 30, 2010
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My main private email has been with Yahoo for quite a while, 15 years or thereabouts. Recently, the last year or so, the yahoo account has been getting absolutely bombarded with spam, maybe half the inbox every day. For the whole time I've been deleting them by identifying them as spam. But the next day almost identical spams are back. I came to the conclusion that the yahoo spam filter is totally ineffective.

Actually,it is. Google something like "yahoo spam filter is awful" and it has hundreds of thousands of hits.

But there was one entry that said, "Don't bother with identifying the spam emails as spam. That doesn't do any good at all. In the yahoo email site, click on all the spam emails, go up to the top, see the 3 dots? click on the 3 dots and one of the options is "Block".

Result, I don't have any spam on my yahoo email account at all. Seems to me that ID'ing an email as spam should block the sender but what do I know?


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Jan 28, 2022
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I didn't know about this feature. Thanks for sharing.
I use both Gmail and Yahoo and have spam coming to both emails every single day